Marty Lancaster

Forward Together

Our Values


Every vote must count towards representation. We must find a system that represents every vote in the make up of the government.


All Canadians arrived at some in time with a culture and a past. Everyone's story needs to be respected and heard.


We have a great knowledge base from science and indigenous memory. We must use this in our long term decision making.


Policies must be made with long-term impacts in mind. Do the actions we take today consider seven generations from now.


We should work towards everyone having a decent standard of living and a decent standard of care. People shouldn't be made to suffer for others to gain.


We need to use every means at our disposal to work to avoid violence in the world.


People whose work is related to the oil sands.


People who work in green energy organizations.


People who work in green industries worldwide.


Number of years we have left to substantially decrease carbon dioxide production.

Our Team

Jamie Forget

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Jamie teaches at St. Monica's. He has extensive world travelling experience and teaches with passion to encourage students to make a difference.

Jamie will be focused on the 18-35 yr old population.

Erich Jacoby-Hawkins

Senior Media and Policy Advisor

Erich has been the Green candidate in the Barrie area many times. He has worked to increase the Green presence in Barrie for many years.

Erich will be online, fact checking, and greensplaining to help people understand our true positions on topics.

Louise Gravelle

Election District Association (EDA) (Financial)

    Evelyn Perdue

    Campaign Office Coordinator

      Evelyn is guided with an urgent desire to act on the climate emergency. She comes to the campaign with a background of technical writing, editing, audit, project management and software the private, public and self employment sectors.

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        • I have worked with Marty on numerous fundraising efforts for Barrie Women's Shelter. He is always willing to pitch in when there is work to be done.

          Phil Quesnelle


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