Marty Lancaster – Candidate for MP

Marty Lancaster strives to be an example to his community on how to live a greener life. He is a teacher at Bear Creek Secondary School, a coach, a past municipal councillor, an activist, a volunteer and a Green Party candidate.

Marty has a degree from McMaster University in Honours Science, and a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. On a typical day, Marty bikes 20km into work, teaches physical and environmental science, coaches school teams and runs several clubs, then bikes back home. He has also led a green team of students at his school for 14 years. They have fundraised and installed solar panels on the roof, which created $3,000/year in energy savings that the students chose to use for planting a food forest, installing water bottle filling stations, and funding additional green initiatives.

His passion for making the world around him a better place led him to run in the 2010 municipal election. He was elected and served from 2010-2014 as the councillor for Ward 3 Oro-Medonte. Marty worked on the recreation committee, accessibility committee, as well as the NVCA (Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority) board.

With Carrie, his wife of 20 years, they have been raising their two daughters, 16 and 14 years old, to be model citizens. For Marty, being a good role model to them means showing them and others that there are sustainable alternatives to everyday actions: like biking to work, driving an electric car, constructing solar panels, planting trees and pollinator gardens, using an electric mower or installing a solar hot water heater.

Marty has worked on numerous Green Party campaigns over the last 15 years. Because the core values of the Green Party align so strongly with his, Marty became the Green Party of Canada’s candidate in the 2015 election. He worked with his campaign team for the entire six month writ period, educating neighbours about the Green Party. He is immensely proud of the party’s comprehensive plans to confront climate change, but also strongly advocates fully-costed plans for everything from national pharmacare to fee-free university education.

Marty’s main message during his time in politics has always been “Barrie Builds Batteries”. He believes there is massive economic and environmental potential for our city to corner the market on research, development and production of all manner of energy storage systems. This is the most important step in the effort to shift away from fossil fuels, and should be at the core of our local economy.

When he is not working on making the world a better place, Marty can be found playing hockey, volleyball, kiteboarding or sailing. He also enjoys spending chilly winter nights building and maintaining an ice rink for the people of Shanty Bay, which has led to many enjoyable and memorable interactions with his neighbours.